Guide to Effectively Using Mumble

By Lucky

Hello, and welcome to my guide on how to effectively use Mumble. Mumble is a VOIP program, or Voice Over Internet Protocol program, that enables the users to communicate through speech and text. For the purpose of this guide, this assumes the user will not have admin privileges to the server. Let's begin!


Part 1


Step One: Downloading Mumble

Mumble can be downloaded at this site here. It is a relatively small download (14.5 MB), and shouldn't take much time.

Step Two: Setting Up Mumble

Generally, you wouldn't need to know anything specific in order to install a program, but there is an optional component: "Murmur (server)". As the description implies, this feature allows you to run your own personal Mumble server. If you do not plan to run your own server can leave this feature unchecked.

Step Three: Configuring Mumble

When you first install Mumble, you will be greeted by an Audio Wizard. This will help your Mic work correctly on Mumble without background noise setting it off. (If it doesn't appear immediately, click on the configure drop down menu and select “Audio Wizard”. From this point, go through the set up process normally up until you see this screen.


This screen is important, because it will determine how your mic is activated every time you talk. I personally play with the signal to noise ratio, and have it set up so my background noise doesn't activate my mic when it is not wanted. Using Push to Talk is another good option, as long as you don't mind binding one of your keys to being the talk button. Once you do that, you should have just a couple of screens to go, and then the Audio Wizard is done!


Part 2


Step One: Adding a Server

Now is the time that we get to add a server to our list! To do this, go to either the server drop down menu and click on “Connect” or the globe icon. The screen you see should look like this:


When you see this screen, select the “Add New...” button. The next screen will look like this:


To add our server (Arbiters of Light), enter the information found in the guild forums, here. Your username should be the name of your in-game character.

When you hit OK, the server selection screen should look like this:


From here, just select the server and hit connect!

Step Two: Navigating Mumble

Mumble is fairly simple to navigate, and it will take no longer than this step to explain it. All you need to do to navigate Mumble is to double click the channel you want to go to. That's it!

Step Three: Sending Messages to other Users and Channels

In order to send messages to other members either to communicate with them privately, or to talk with an entire channel because you don't have a working mic, all you have to do is right click that specific member, or single click the server and type in the chat box to the left. If you'd rather do both options the same way, then you are in luck! This is because both options are interchangeable with each other.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured Mumble, added a server, learned how to navigate that server, and how to use that server optimally! Thanks for reading the guide, I appreciate it!