Please fill out each question to the best of your ability. The goal of this application process is for us to learn more about you. "Light" applications that show little or no effort will not be processed.


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Based on our schedule, what percentage of raids to you plan on attending? *
What is your time zone? *
What days can you play? *
What times do you plan to play? *
 Late Night 
Please base times off of (UTC-06:00) Central Time.


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Do you have a problem using voice chat? *
Why can't you use voice chat? (If you answered yes above.)
How did you find our guild? *
Twitter, TOR Forums, etc.
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Please note the character name if you were referred by a current member.
Why do you want to join Arbiters of Light?
What do you look for in a guild?
What didn't you like about your last guild?
If this is your first TOR guild, please discuss your guild in a previous game if applicable.
Anything else you'd like us to know about you.


Is TOR your first MMO?
What MMO's have you played in the past?
 Age of Conan 
 Champions Online 
 Eve Online 
 Guild Wars 
 Lord of the Rings Online 
 Star Wars: Galaxes 
 World of Warcraft 
Please discuss your previous raid experience.
What is your favorite raid boss encounter, why?


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