Guild Master of Arbiters of Light, oversees the general running of the guild.



Senior Officers fill specific roles within the guild that contribute to the overall functioning of the guild. There are no more than four Senior Officers active in the guild at any given time.



Lieutenants have established themselves to be trustworthy and upstanding members within the guild. They have exhibited a willingness to learn and play their respective classes with the utmost skill.



Operatives are the core operators of the guild. They have the necessary gear requirements and have proven to be extremely reliable in guild operation events. Members at this rank are given priority with operation invites.



This the general member rank and the soldiers of Arbiters of Light. Applicants reach this rank after the initial period as a Potential. Arbiters are not required to raid, but may participate in guilds raids when possible.



Temporary rank held by new applicants. Applicants remain at this rank for a trial period while the guild makes a final decision on their character.